ZOO Crypto World

NFT Animals

NFT animals are your best friends in the Jungle ecosystem! These creatures can mine ZOO for passive income, battle for KEY rewards and be traded in the marketplace. Read all about the NFT use cases below.
NFT Mining
NFT Animals provide passive income to YOU as a ZOO warrior. Not only can you battle or stake but you can also mine with passive ZOO flowing into your wallet every second with NO WORK required. This mining income is in the form of the ZOO governance token and, the process is completely decentralized as mining is done on the BNB Chain.
NFT Combat
ZOO warriors can use NFT Animals to either battle in PvP or PvE modes. As a result, these NFTs offer KEY rewards dependent on your combat rank. All NFT battles that spend at least 1 ZOO provide a random KEY reward as a participation reward that varies depending on the number of users participating
NFT Trading
All NFT Animals obtained can be traded in the marketplace in exchange for BUSD. This builds an active free market where players can trade their NFTs or to build up their arsenal of NFT Animals by P2P transactions. Check out the marketplace below
Generating NFT Animals
Users can use KEYs to open treasure chests and obtain NFTs.
  • 1 CHEST = 1 KEY = 1 NFT
  • Maximum supply: Current supply of KEY
  • Contract Standard: BEP-721
  • NFT Animals are generated once a ZOO warrior opens a chest and is proceeded by a BSC transaction confirmation.
  • NFTs are not non-custodial and are owned/controlled solely by the user.