ZOO Crypto World

Loot Lottery

Stake and win with the no-loss loot lottery on ZooCW!

What is the Loot Lottery?

The ZooCW loot lottery is a no-loss raffle where players subscribe/stake ZOO tokens relative to their staked xZOO into a lottery contract. The amount of xZOO staked in pools determines the number of ticket entries a player can use to enter the lottery, with more tickets increasing the chances of winning!
The loot lottery will:
Burn ZOO tokens
Reward KEY prizes to players who win
Introduce sustainable emissions for NFTs

What is the prize?

Winners of the loot lottery receive a hefty sum of KEY tokens as a reward for winning. After a victory, the ZOO tokens staked in the lottery are burned and players in return receive their KEY tokens.
Winners need to withdraw their KEY tokens within 48 hours otherwise the KEY tokens won will be burned.
Losers of the loot lottery do not lose any ZOO and are free to withdraw their ZOO tokens from the contract. A portion of KEY emissions from the ZOO staking pool will be diverted to the lottery and a change to the staking pool farming weight will occur to fund the loot lottery.

How to enter?

Players can enter the loot lottery by following three easy steps!
1) Stake xZOO to enable the ability to purchase tickets with ZOO. The xZOO to ticket ratio is as follows:
2) Stake ZOO into the lottery contract to participate in the loot lottery. The amount of ZOO to enter can vary and will depend on the price of ZOO.
3) Wait and Earn! If you win, your ZOO tokens will be burned and you will receive a sum of KEY tokens that is guaranteed to award profit over your deposited ZOO. Players who do not win can simply withdraw their staked ZOO.
Sounds like fun? Then get playing and win big KEY prizes with ZooCW!