ZOO Crypto World

NFT Combat

The ZOO Crypto World ecosystem has introduced 2 combat modes to allow ZOO warriors to earn off their NFTs in arena battles. Read all about the combat modes below!
ZOO warriors can battle in 2 modes:
1) PvP
2) PvE
Reward Schedule
To receive rewards in any of the combat modes, you must pay at least 1 ZOO for a ticket. For example, every ZOO warrior gets 3 FREE tickets to battle everyday in the arena. If you only battle with 3 FREE tickets, you will not be eligible for any rewards. You must pay at least 1 ZOO to get your rewards as listed below
Ticket System
At least 1 ZOO must be spent to be eligible for rewards. You can purchase unlimited tickets with the max cost being 32 ZOO. The bonus rewards schedule start at 4 tickets. Thus, 4 tickets = 1 bonus battle, 5 tickets = 2 bonus battles, etc.
Ticket count
Ticket cost (ZOO)
Eligibility for rewards
ZOO warriors who participate in combat will receive rewards. Participation rewards are random and generally are between 0.1 - 0.3 KEY per day. For ranking rewards, view the reward table below
Rewards will disappear from the reward page after 7 days. Make sure you claim your rewards before the 7 day expiry date or you will lose your earned profits from the combat modes!
Reward Times
  1. 1.
    Daily Combat Start: 10:00 AM UTC
  2. 2.
    Daily Combat End: 9:30 AM UTC
  3. 3.
    Daily KEY Settlement: 10 mins in between
  4. 4.
    Daily KEY Reward Distribution: 10:00 AM UTC next day.
PvP Mode
The PvP mode requires ZOO warriors to create an attack and defense team with 3 cards. ZOO warriors can battle it out in the arena to try and reach a top 200 score for EXTRA KEY rewards. The PvP mode is a battle against other real players in the Jungle and other players can attack you which can lower your rank. All users who participate in this mode (with 1 ZOO spent) are also eligible for rewards.
PvE Mode
PvE, unlike PvP, only requires one card against a fearless boss. Battle against this boss and try to rank up the leaderboard by dealing damage with your NFT Animal. This mode is easier for beginner players as it only requires one card to play! However, there are two bosses to fight per day and if you only fight one, you will receive 50% of the rewards.