ZOO Crypto World

NFT Marketplace

The ZOO Crypto World marketplace allows ZOO warriors to trade NFT Animals for BUSD. ZOO warriors can buy and sell NFTs for BUSD on the P2P marketplace.
The marketplace is completely decentralized and non-custodial as the team never holds your NFTs.
How to buy NFT Animals?
ZOO warriors can purchase NFT Animals by visiting the marketplace and selecting an NFT Animal to purchase. Once you have found your NFT Animal, click the buy button (may be the approval button first) and your NFT Animal will be sent to your wallet. All NFT Animals purchased will not mint any ZOO automatically and must be staked via https://www.zoogame.app/#/cards
How to sell NFT Animals?
ZOO warriors can sell NFT Animals for BUSD by visiting the card UI page: https://www.zoogame.app/#/cards
Select the NFT Animal you would like to sell, hover over it, then click the sell button. Once the NFT Animal is listed on the marketplace, ZOO warriors can purchase your NFT Animal for BUSD!
A few details:
1) NFT Animals cannot be refunded once sold
2) You cannot sell your last NFT Animal
All NFT Animal transactions (buy or sell) involves a 5% fee that funds the buyback wallet and development costs. Listing or unlisting an NFT Animal incurs no cost.
Last modified 9mo ago