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NFT Teaming

NFT Animals can be teamed for bonus hash power rewards. An NFT team requires 4 NFT Animals that have different rarities under the team type. Every NFT team you collect provides a 50+ hash power boost.
For example, if you had a hash power of 35 with 4 NFTs then decided to team them, you will have 85 hash power (+50 from the team). Teaming your NFTs does not incur any costs and you can only create 1 team per NFT Animal type. There are over 35 NFT teams in the Jungle metaverse, start collecting them all!
Two rarities of teams can be formed:
EPIC teams which contain an EPIC, RARE, NORMAL and JUNK card.
LEGENDARY teams which contain a LEGENDARY, RARE, NORMAL and JUNK card.
Example of an EPIC team
Example of a LEGENDARY team
Enable your teams now via the team page for a 50+ hash power bonus per team! You can also view all the possible teams via this page.