ZOO Crypto World

NFT Upgrading

The only NFT Animal rarities that can be upgraded are Epics and Legendaries! Junks, Normals and Rares cannot be upgraded but can be merged to form universal NFTs.
ZOO warriors can upgrade their NFT Animals to increase the mining hash power rate, combat stats and add bonus mining power with stars. All NFTs used up in the upgrading process are burnt as they are fed to the upgraded NFT Animal to increase stats. Read all about it below
All NFT Animals opened from chests start at LVL 1. NFT Animals can be leveled up to LVL 50 however, the current max level an NFT can reach is LVL 30. When upgrading your NFT Animals, star bonuses can be acquired which generate a boost to your total hash power (without the star bonus). This star bonus is generated per 10 levels and an example is listed below:

NFT Star Upgrading Details

Star bonus
MP bonus to total hash power (without initial star bonus)
Epic (LVL 9 - 10)
Epic (LVL 19 - 20)
Epic (LVL 29 - 30)
Legendary (LVL 9 - 10)
Legendary (LVL 19 - 20)
Legendary (LVL 29 - 30)
The maximum MP bonus to total hash power of one individual address is limited to 160%.
NFT Upgrade Mining Details
Every time you upgrade an NFT Animal the mining power will increase. Upgrading your NFTs will always prove to be profitable due to the following formula:
MP (After level up) = MP (Previous level) + MP (MP of consumed NFT) * 1.2 + MP (Level 1) * 0.2
Confused about the math? Here is an example.
If a ZOO warrior has a LVL 1 Epic with an initial hash power of 30 and decides to upgrade it with a Junk here is what will occur. The Junk will be consumed and the new MP will be:
LVL 2 Epic HP = 30 + (1 * 1.2) + (30 * 0.2) = 37.2
This means upgrading your NFT added 6.2 EXTRA mining power compared to just holding an EPIC and JUNK
As you keep upgrading, the required consumed cards will increase in rarity and amount!