ZOO Crypto World


What is xZOO?

xZOO is a revolutionary feature that brings forth a new use case for ZOO! xZOO allows ZOO warriors to lock ZOO for a certain period of time. After locking the ZOO, xZOO provides farming boosts and use cases.

xZOO Features

  • xZOO will give you a weighted boost in the farming pools. This means when you stake ZOO, you pull the weight of everyone else down with the result being higher APY rewards for KEY tokens. The max weight that can be achieved is a 3X.
  • xZOO will be used in use cases regarding lotteries and voting rights!


Can I sell xZOO tokens?
xZOO tokens cannot be sold and are not tradable on DEX platforms!
Can I withdraw my LP if I lock ZOO for xZOO?
Yes, you can withdraw your LP at anytime even if you lock ZOO for xZOO. This feature only locks your ZOO tokens, not LP tokens.
Does xZOO 3X your APR or APY?
NO! xZOO does not multiply your APY or APR by 3X. xZOO simply boosts your weight in the pool which will result in increased rewards. It does not directly change the APY or APR but rather, increases your weight which gives you more rewards.
When can I get my ZOO back?
Once the countdown timer ends, you can withdraw your ZOO from the xZOO Booster UI. For example, if you staked ZOO for 3 years, you can withdraw that ZOO after 3 years.
I have staked xZOO but the multiplier is decreasing?
As more ZOO warriors stake xZOO, these newly staked users will pull down the weight of others, including YOU. This means your multiplier will decrease as new users stake xZOO. To keep your multiplier and continue receiving a 3X boost you must stake extra ZOO.
Still confused? Feel free to watch the xZOO farming V2 guide on the ZooCW YouTube channel